Frequently Asked Questions

TrafficThat takes a unique approach when it comes to promoting offers. Our unique optimization technology distributes your traffic among multiple advertisers, making sure your traffic is sent to the advertisers most likely to convert it.

We do this by applying our smart registration form on every offer, distributing each lead where he is statistically most likely to convert, driving conversion rates up to 50% higher than most other affiliate networks. Feel free to contact us to better understand the process.

Our payouts vary from among different offers, however our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry allows us to negotiate the best possible deals with our advertisers, guaranteeing higher than average payouts, and we are most likely to match or even exceed payouts offered by the direct advertisers.

We offer CPA payouts. This is because all of our offers are specifically optimized to generate sales, and we are very strict when choosing which offers to promote and which advertisers to work with.

We pay our affiliates every month the amount of commission generated over the previous month, before the 10th of the month.

High volume affiliates may request bi-weekly or weekly payouts.

You will gain access to a disposal of multiple banners, landing pages, sales funnels, custom made reviews and other materials. We also provide unique technology that allows you to choose multiple marketing materials and creatives and have our system automatically optimize and select the best converting creatives for your traffic.

None, affiliates can register and use all of our optimization tools absolutely for free.

We track multiple conversion goals on each offer, mainly – Subscriber, Lead and sale
Even when your commission is credited on sale, you could still see the number of subscribers and leads generated from your campaigns. This is meant to help optimize your campaigns by viewing the actions generated per source. In order to run a report that breaks down conversion goals, simply access “performance report” and checklist “goal” before running the report.
If you are using a tracking system like voluum, you can set up postbacks for each individual conversion goal.

Certain offers might have GEOs restrictions.